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10 Minutes to Lose Belly Fat (Part 3 of 3)

on March 29, 2013

ImNotThereYetThis month I’ve been introducing you to the HASfit series of Belly Fat 10-minute workouts.  Part 1 and Part 2 were easy enough to find on the web site, but I had a heck of a time locating Part 3!  Rather than sending you on the hunt, here is your link to it: Part 3 of 3:  10 Minutes to Lose Belly Fat.  Coach K leads this installment, just like Part 2 and keeps the pace up while reminding you that it is OK to not be as flexible or fast as he is (but he does urge you to keep it up and push through if you can).  All in all, I enjoy this three part workout – each segment really does target the whole body nicely!

And  I have to admit – today I didn’t want to do the workout … but I did anyway!


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