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Just One Little Thing … Just For Today …

on July 2, 2013

DCF 1.0I’ve been preoccupied with oil posts and recipes. I don’t think I’ve done much to help INSPIRE you lately and for that I ask your forgiveness!

Life gets pressing, overwhelming, sometimes downright oppressive. Don’t get me wrong – life is beautiful! The sun is shining, the dogs’ tails are wagging, I have a roof over my head provided by a dear friend and the people who I have in my circle are all amazing, each in their own special way! But as I move into *another* year of digging out from a financial hole (from two major episodes, in 2006 and 2010) I find myself allowing frustration to take a little bite at me. Just as I get moved to the point of tears of despair, Life reminds me of the beauty in the friends around me. And I am strong again, ready to move forward.

Yesterday was one of those days where I just…can’t…take…it. And another Angel in my life hands me Hope and Smiles. That story is a part of my DoggieBlog Post today.

And today is another day. Another day where I am strong. Where I am hopeful. Where I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

So what can I do to make today better than yesterday? What ONE Little Thing, Just for Today, can I do to make just an inkling of a step towards a better me?

I have been very bad about taking my own advice. I haven’t been doing a short 10 minute workout every day. I am in Santee, CA. In the Summer. The last day it was below 90 degrees was 7 days ago! (Check it yourself at – my zip code is 92071. I have fun playing around on that site – yes I can be a weather nerd!). And my room (bedroom/office) in the house is easily the hottest one in the afternoon, even with A/C. 10 minutes of movement in these conditions are about 9.5 minutes too many!

So Just For Today my One Little Thing was: to take an early morning walk with the Cockers. I live in an industrial area and my “block” is 1 mile around. I was awake without the alarm clock by 5:30, so by 6:15 we were on our way. It was only 63 degrees and started off perfect. By about half-way I realized the humidity was going to be a bear today. When we arrived home I took a look at my WeatherBug app and saw that it was already 100% humidity! Oh my! But – we made it, the dogs had a blast and I got my fresh air and more exercise than I had yesterday. Yay!

Tell me … for you, what is your One Little Thing, Just For Today?

DCF 1.0


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