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OnGuard+ … Added Protection Against Colds and Flu

on January 5, 2014

OnGuard Softgels, cold and flu protection“The flu rate in San Diego County is up about 150 percent compared to last year …”

This has been the headline for numerous news stations and newspapers this past week*. I’ve made it through the end of 2013 without a winter cold (a first for me!) and attribute this to my regular use of the doTERRA products (I love them so much I started distributing them). My next big test will be making it to Spring without that annual cold bug hitting me. I use the essential oils regularly with my massage clients and take the Lifelong Vitality Pack daily at 1/2 dose. Lemon EO (from doTERRA) in my water (when I remember …) also helps me to keep my immune system boosted.

With that headline circulating, our newest member to the OnGuard family comes to mind. Before OnGuard+ was released at convention last October, those of us who use the products would talk about our home made “flu bomb” – a select grouping of EOs in a veggie cap to keep the flu away. doTERRA has made this added protection even easier (and cheaper) to use by creating OnGuard+ … their name for that flu bomb!

These vegetarian softgels make it easier for even pill-haters like me to swallow with their smaller size. Packed with CPTG essential oils of On Guard, Black Pepper, Oregano and Melissa you can get the immune support your body needs when facing winter threats or elements that can weaken your immune system.

Retail Price: $32.67
Wholesale Price: $24.50
Shop for OnGuard+ at by searching under “NEW PRODUCTS”.
(doTERRA ships to USA, Canada, Australia, Central America, Costa Rica, Europe, French Polynesia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and United Kingdom.)

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Save approximately 25% off your doTERRA orders for a full year! From Shop for OnGuard+ at click on “JOIN” in the upper right corner and choose the first option “Join as a new Independent Product Consultant”. There are no monthly purchasing requirements to save money and the sign-up fee is only $35.

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*Read one of the articles here: Santee Patch article about SD County Flu rate

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