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How Do You Welcome Change?

on February 1, 2014

©2014 photography by Peggy Mundell

©2014 photography by Peggy Mundell

Why do we seem to give the word “change” such negative connotations? When one door closes, another one we haven’t noticed before inevitably opens up to us. And the other side of that previously unnoticed door often has riches we could never have imagined waiting for us. But why take the chance? We can guide the direction of the changes ahead, with just a little forethought. “Have you ever stopped to think how powerful your thoughts are? What if you could transform something about your life simply by mindfully inviting change into your life? I’ve done it. It works. All you need to begin is a pad of Post-it Notes.”

So starts Kee Kee’s journey in 2013. Read the rest HERE … and tell me below how your new journey is going for you!

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