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The Purple Washcloth

If you are one of my followers, you are likely doing some personal development each day – reading a motivational book for 10-30 minutes every morning, doing 10-60 minutes of physical improvement, maybe your focus right now is practicing moments of gratitude throughout the day.

Manifesting your desires into reality is another exercise that you might find beneficial. The Secret, The Law of Attraction, practicing Affirmations – these are just a few of the ways you can learn how to bring your desires into thought, into action, into reality. However as you are getting starting with manifesting your desires and abundance, it is easy to get distracted and discouraged. This blog post is to share my slap-the-forehead reminder that this DOES work and YOU CAN DO IT!

The Purple Washcloth - inspiration for manifesting the life you desire!

The Purple Washcloth – inspiration for manifesting the life you desire!

Last month I was dog-sitting for a client. The first night I was there, one of the family members was still in the house. I arrived to a wonderful bedroom in the gorgeous house, and one of my favorite four-legged clients there to greet me. On the bed were two sets of towels laid out for my use over the weekend. A pretty green and a beautiful purple that just spoke to me. The green set included the matching washcloth, but the purple set was missing the washcloth. I really wanted to use the purple, but I also wanted to “treat” myself to a matching set. As I carried the towels into the bathroom I was looking at the purple towel, feeling it in my hands: the texture, the weight, the color, even the smell of it fresh from the laundry. I wasn’t conscious of any of these observances, they were just happening naturally. There was a small tug inside me as I wished I had the matching washcloth. But I turned my attentions to my furry client and didn’t give the towels another thought … after all, it was JUST a washcloth!

Less than 20 minutes later, Jeff (the remaining family member getting ready to leave) came downstairs to let me know that a towel was left in the dryer and he put it on my bed for me.

It was the purple washcloth that I had wanted!

THAT is how manifesting your desires works and THAT is how fast it can happen!

As you practice your exercises of bringing desires to reality, use all of your senses. FEEL, SMELL, TOUCH, TASTE, HEAR all aspects of what it is you are wanting. Be as specific as possible. I didn’t realize how specific I was being as I held the matching towel. It is easy to leave pieces out – but keep practicing and remember the Purple Washcloth. And come back to tell me in the comments of YOUR successes!

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Eating Healthier: 10 easy steps

In this article, James helps us to remember 10 simple (really!) ways to eat healthier … without really trying. All backed by science. It truly DOES help the mind and the stomach when you eat on a smaller plate! Take it a step further and use a smaller fork as well. Check out his full article HERE: . And take a moment to subscribe to his newsletter/blog. He consistently delivers great content, worth the read!

©2012 Peggy Mundell

©2012 Peggy Mundell

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How Do You Welcome Change?

©2014 photography by Peggy Mundell

©2014 photography by Peggy Mundell

Why do we seem to give the word “change” such negative connotations? When one door closes, another one we haven’t noticed before inevitably opens up to us. And the other side of that previously unnoticed door often has riches we could never have imagined waiting for us. But why take the chance? We can guide the direction of the changes ahead, with just a little forethought. “Have you ever stopped to think how powerful your thoughts are? What if you could transform something about your life simply by mindfully inviting change into your life? I’ve done it. It works. All you need to begin is a pad of Post-it Notes.”

So starts Kee Kee’s journey in 2013. Read the rest HERE … and tell me below how your new journey is going for you!

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Amazing Things Can Be In YOUR Life

photography (c)2014 by Peggy Mundell/

photography ©2014 by Peggy Mundell/

One of my mentors sent me this in an email today. It was too good to keep to myself and I hope it inspires you as well!

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

I have some amazingly successful people in my life and they will all agree that there was a pivotal point in their life and their career where a major shift occurred.

The shift began to take place when they began to join forces with dynamic individuals who helped take them to the next level in their life. It is said that you are the medium of the top 5 people that you associate with the most.

If you are spending time with people who complain about their lives, who are stuck in Eeyore mode where there is always something negative to focus on, and who just find contentment in being discontent about life and not do anything about it … you will NOT grow or succeed.

But when you spend time around people who are doing GREAT THINGS in their lives, investing their energy into pursuing their passions, focused on the good in their lives, pouring their hearts into the lives of others, ensuring their health, giving back, making money — moving toward success in life … amazing things will begin to happen in YOUR life, too.

When I began to surround myself with people who were seeking to be healthier, wealthier, wiser, and happier in their life- I began to make those same shifts in my own life.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****
And like my mentor Alicia, I want these things for you as well! Think about the 5 people you spend the most time with each day. What do you admire about them? What do you wish was different about them? Which of those two questions had more answers? Surround yourself with people you admire and feel the shift happen in your life! I’d love to hear of your experiences with this in the comments below. Your story may just inspire another person to greater heights!


Just One Little Thing … Just For Today …

DCF 1.0I’ve been preoccupied with oil posts and recipes. I don’t think I’ve done much to help INSPIRE you lately and for that I ask your forgiveness!

Life gets pressing, overwhelming, sometimes downright oppressive. Don’t get me wrong – life is beautiful! The sun is shining, the dogs’ tails are wagging, I have a roof over my head provided by a dear friend and the people who I have in my circle are all amazing, each in their own special way! But as I move into *another* year of digging out from a financial hole (from two major episodes, in 2006 and 2010) I find myself allowing frustration to take a little bite at me. Just as I get moved to the point of tears of despair, Life reminds me of the beauty in the friends around me. And I am strong again, ready to move forward.

Yesterday was one of those days where I just…can’t…take…it. And another Angel in my life hands me Hope and Smiles. That story is a part of my DoggieBlog Post today.

And today is another day. Another day where I am strong. Where I am hopeful. Where I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

So what can I do to make today better than yesterday? What ONE Little Thing, Just for Today, can I do to make just an inkling of a step towards a better me?

I have been very bad about taking my own advice. I haven’t been doing a short 10 minute workout every day. I am in Santee, CA. In the Summer. The last day it was below 90 degrees was 7 days ago! (Check it yourself at – my zip code is 92071. I have fun playing around on that site – yes I can be a weather nerd!). And my room (bedroom/office) in the house is easily the hottest one in the afternoon, even with A/C. 10 minutes of movement in these conditions are about 9.5 minutes too many!

So Just For Today my One Little Thing was: to take an early morning walk with the Cockers. I live in an industrial area and my “block” is 1 mile around. I was awake without the alarm clock by 5:30, so by 6:15 we were on our way. It was only 63 degrees and started off perfect. By about half-way I realized the humidity was going to be a bear today. When we arrived home I took a look at my WeatherBug app and saw that it was already 100% humidity! Oh my! But – we made it, the dogs had a blast and I got my fresh air and more exercise than I had yesterday. Yay!

Tell me … for you, what is your One Little Thing, Just For Today?

DCF 1.0

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