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The Purple Washcloth

If you are one of my followers, you are likely doing some personal development each day – reading a motivational book for 10-30 minutes every morning, doing 10-60 minutes of physical improvement, maybe your focus right now is practicing moments of gratitude throughout the day.

Manifesting your desires into reality is another exercise that you might find beneficial. The Secret, The Law of Attraction, practicing Affirmations – these are just a few of the ways you can learn how to bring your desires into thought, into action, into reality. However as you are getting starting with manifesting your desires and abundance, it is easy to get distracted and discouraged. This blog post is to share my slap-the-forehead reminder that this DOES work and YOU CAN DO IT!

The Purple Washcloth - inspiration for manifesting the life you desire!

The Purple Washcloth – inspiration for manifesting the life you desire!

Last month I was dog-sitting for a client. The first night I was there, one of the family members was still in the house. I arrived to a wonderful bedroom in the gorgeous house, and one of my favorite four-legged clients there to greet me. On the bed were two sets of towels laid out for my use over the weekend. A pretty green and a beautiful purple that just spoke to me. The green set included the matching washcloth, but the purple set was missing the washcloth. I really wanted to use the purple, but I also wanted to “treat” myself to a matching set. As I carried the towels into the bathroom I was looking at the purple towel, feeling it in my hands: the texture, the weight, the color, even the smell of it fresh from the laundry. I wasn’t conscious of any of these observances, they were just happening naturally. There was a small tug inside me as I wished I had the matching washcloth. But I turned my attentions to my furry client and didn’t give the towels another thought … after all, it was JUST a washcloth!

Less than 20 minutes later, Jeff (the remaining family member getting ready to leave) came downstairs to let me know that a towel was left in the dryer and he put it on my bed for me.

It was the purple washcloth that I had wanted!

THAT is how manifesting your desires works and THAT is how fast it can happen!

As you practice your exercises of bringing desires to reality, use all of your senses. FEEL, SMELL, TOUCH, TASTE, HEAR all aspects of what it is you are wanting. Be as specific as possible. I didn’t realize how specific I was being as I held the matching towel. It is easy to leave pieces out – but keep practicing and remember the Purple Washcloth. And come back to tell me in the comments of YOUR successes!

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Life is not about what we get but what we give out

Today I was listening to a WONDERFUL podcast with Harrison Klein “Manifest Mind Training:
3 Easy Ways to Master Manifesting” – this recording is available only until Sunday Midnight. Check it out by CLICKING HERE.



I’m only 30 minutes into it so far, before I had to attend to other responsibilities, and my notes already include:

– Take what is given to me and make it BETTER
– Be bigger than what I am asked to do
– All that is, is. All that is not, CAN BE
– We don’t get what we want, we get what we ARE
– Law of Physics: Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only change forms
– Lack is an illusion and abundance is truth
– As we improve one thing, we improve all other things
– The point of power is always in the NOW
– Use the power of ritual to anchor your manifestations
– The word success is linked to the word successive, which means repeating a pattern of behavior over and over again. The conscious mind retains only 10% of what is read/heard. By taking the principles you want and practicing them in ritualistic ways, you will retain 90% of the information!
– There is a big difference between trying to have something and experiencing something
– Knowledge not applied is not true knowledge
– Ritual transfers knowledge into memory
– Life is not about what we get but what we give out

If ANY of these points speak to you – listen while you can. If you can take a moment, I’d love to read in the comments below what principles stand out for YOU. I can not wait to catch the rest of the podcast myself!

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