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OnGuard Toothpaste – flouride free and more benefits

On Guard Toothpaste - flouride free and helps keep a mouth healthy!I am very excited over the feedback I’ve been getting from people using the doTERRA OnGuard Whitening Toothpaste. The first huge advantage is that it is fluoride free. Fluoride ingestion is a scary thing, especially in our little ones under age 6. In 1997 the toothpaste companies were required to start including a warning label and phone number to call in case of ingestion on their tubes. Have you ever called that number? Back in October I heard a story of someone who did (out of curiosity) and they were immediately connected to poison control (I mean *immediate* … there wasn’t even time for a pleasant “please hold while I connect you …”). PC told him to get his son to the hospital asap, at which point he had to ‘fess up and admit his son didn’t really ingest the product, he was only curious.

Still not sure about the health risks involved with fluoride? Check out this post from the Flouride Action Network at Toothpastes. Interesting tidbits. I hadn’t realized how trusting and ignorant I have been!

So let’s talk less scary stuff. OnGuard Toothpaste. I am an Independent Product Consultant for doTERRA and I continue to be amazed by these wonderful products. I’ve had some good feedback from my friends and clients and hope you enjoy reading these testimonials as much as I do!

A friend of mine was experiencing extreme sensitivity in her mouth (I can’t remember if it was gum or tooth pain off the top of my head). In less than a week after using the OnGuard Toothpaste from doTERRA, her sensitivity was gone. I was intrigued!

Yesterday I heard from another friend. She, her mom and I drove to the annual Convention together in Salt Lake City. After hearing the story about regular toothpaste and the poison control number listed on the tube, her mom (Candy) and I immediately purchased our own OnGuard Toothpastes and threw out our traditional pastes when we arrived home. That was 6 weeks ago. Yesterday morning Candy went to her scheduled appointment for her oral surgery and asked her doctor to double check her numbers. He did and found that she was no longer in need of the surgery. Wonderful news! Candy was also adding a drop of Melaleuca and Clove at her brushings for an extra boost (although there is already Clove in the OnGuard blend).

If you had a chance to attend my On Guard webinar earlier this week, you heard how good the oil is at addressing oral abscesses and gum issues. These testimonials are wonderful to hear!

(NOTE: do not use the OnGuard Toothpaste on your dogs. It contains xylitol which, while safe for us, is toxic to our canine friends.)

OnGuard Toothpaste retails for $11.33. If you have a wholesale membership (only $35 for a full year) then the price drops to $8.50. A 4 oz tube will last quite a while, depending on how many people are using it. You only need a pea-sized amount at each brushing to be effective! To purchase retail, just visit my store at If you would like to take advantage of the wholesale membership (no ordering requirements, it is comparable to how a Costco membership works), then just click JOIN in the upper right corner of that landing page. You’ll be given two choices – click the top button for the $35 membership which will give you an average of 25% off all purchases for the year.

Have you been using the OnGuard Toothpaste? I’d love to hear your testimonials in the comments section!

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Frankincense: The King of Essential Oils

doTERRA’s CPTG Frankincense Essential Oil is most definitely the King of Essential Oils. Take a look at this testimonial:

***** ***** *****
15ml_Frankincense Ready to purchase? Visit my storefront and purchase item #3007 (15ml of Frankincense) for $93.00.

Save on your purchases: contact me about purchasing either a 1 year membership for only $35 (to save approximately 25% off all purchases) or a lifetime membership for only $10 (to save approximately 20% off all purchases)! With your 1 year membership, you can also enjoy the business opportunities in selling the oils if you would like.

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