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Class/Webinar Schedule

I am available to teach at YOUR location in Southern California and around the USA – just send me an email at SpasAndPaws at Gmail (dot) com and let’s create a class that is perfect for you! I can come teach in person, or we can arrange an online class for you.

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To inquire about hosting a class in Southern California or across the United States, contact me through email at PawsAndSpas at Hotmail (dot) com. There is NO CHARGE to you to have me come present to your employees, group members or friends! Choose from my topics below or have a custom class created just for YOU!

  • The 10 Oils Everyone Should Have (Intro to Essential Oils): learn our favorite 10 oils to have in your own starter kit to facilitate your family’s well-being and balance. doTERRA Essential Oils benefit everyone in the home!
  • The Athlete’s Kit: Whether you are a Couch Potato, a Weekend Warrior, a Cross-fit Fanatic or Going for the Gold, the Athlete’s Kit is a must for YOU. Come learn why!


  • Beyond Aromatherapy – Essential Oils for Today’s Massage Therapists: the power of the oils in these little bottles is a tool that any massage therapist can use to increase the effectiveness in every client session. Learn the new basics and increase your retention rates and referrals!


  • Boost Your Immunity – staying healthy during cold & flu season with all-natural therapeutic-grade Essential Oils. Learn 5 simple tips to support your body’s immune system and keep you and your family healthy all season long!


  • Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils – a workshop ideally suited for Reiki Practitioners and Energy Workers who already know how to scan Chakras (although all are welcome and can benefit from the information). Learn how to incorporate pure, quality Essential Oils into your Chakra Balancing sessions to reach optimal results for your clients. This is a hands-on instructional workshop giving you the opportunity to give and receive a Chakra Balancing session. (NOTE: workshop attendance is limited to 6-12 people per class, will last approximately 4 hours and requires a $125 fee. Class manual and a starter set of oils will be provided to all participants). This workshop can be held at your location as well, home or spa – just ask! Contact me through email at PawsAndSpas at Hotmail (dot) com


  • Cleanse, Renew & Restart – 30 Days to a New You in the New Year: no matter what month it is, NOW is the time to kick-start your health with a simple 30 day cleanse using all-natural products. The New You is just around the corner! A natural full cleanse is recommended every 3 months. Come learn our gentle yet effective 30 Day program to reset your gut and your physical and emotional health using all-natural products. If you prefer to Cleanse at the 6 month mark, we’ll also be highlighting the mini cleanse to keep your digestive system supported in the time between.


  • Essential Dogs – Better Health, Naturally: You will be amazed at how the properties of the essential oils can work towards strengthening the overall health of your dogs. Learn how nature’s medicine cabinet can help you keep your pets in top form. From supporting your dog’s body during healing to everyday balance, essential oils are a great addition to your pet’s first aid kit!


  • Essential Oil Event Booth: I would love to have a booth at your next community event or Health Fair. This is a great way to have your attendees learn about the many benefits of pure, quality therapeutic Essential Oils. Contact me through email at PawsAndSpas at Hotmail (dot) com


  • Green Cleaning for Your House and Health: Make over your cleaning routine … safe, natural, and just in time for your annual Spring Cleaning! Green Cleaning is safe for you and your family, is easy on the pocketbook, is highly effective and environmentally friendly. There is no need to compromise your health for a clean home!
  • Happy Hour with Essential Oils: Come nosh on some delicious snacks and non-alcoholic drinks anytime after 5:30 or come just for the custom class (6:30 – 7:30) to learn about the oils used in tonight’s Happy Hour goodies. Take the recipes home to try for yourself!


  • Health Maintenance – at home between Spa visits: learn cost-effective, natural ways to keep that “ahh!” from the Spa working for you between appointments! From increased energy to relieving those aching muscles to unwinding at the end of the day, you will maintain your physical and mental balance until you see your favorite therapists once again. With quality, pure Essential Oils, the road to health is always at your fingertips!


  • Introduction to Emotions & Essential Oils: Emotional support is just a breath away! Be introduced to 6 exclusive blends (Reassuring Blend, Encouraging Blend, Uplifting Blend, Inspiring Blend, Renewing Blend and Comforting Blend) that can help you reach the emotional balance you are looking for.


  • Make and Take Craft Class: have fun making custom products and learn about how quality Essential Oils work on your emotional health. Each class is different, created on the spot for the emotions YOU want to have addressed that night (NOTE: this class requires a $10 materials fee from attendees).


  • Manage Stress & Reduce Pain: Stress and pain are all around us in everyday life. Learn the top complaints in our society then find out which pure Essential Oils will help you leave those complaints behind! Quality essential oils help our bodies reach the healthy state we strive for.


  • Mommy & Me & Essential Oils: the pure properties of therapeutic essential oils are well-suited to the needs of children. Learn how even the youngest members of your family can benefit along with the adults


  • No Such Thing As OLD: Some of the things we take as “normal” aging processes aren’t issues we *have* to face. Learn how therapeutic Essential Oils can keep you feeling young in mind, body and heart!


  • Self-care for the Caregiver: Whether you are a single parent caring for children, a busy adult caring for an aging parent, an active volunteer in the animal rescue community or make your living by caring for others, self care is of utmost importance. Take care of yourself so you can continue to care for others


  • Summer Fun with Essential Oils: summer lovin’ includes BBQs, vacations, and outdoor activities. But the fun comes with the less-than-fun: the indigestion, the travel woes and the bumps and bruises. Learn how doTERRA Essential Oils can alleviate soothe these bumps in the road so you can pack more fun in your summer!


  • Summer Slim Down with doTERRA: Recommit to that almost forgotten resolution for a new, slimmer, healthier you! Come learn about the natural line of products and Essential Oils to support your metabolism. Increase your energy while you love the new you


  • Sweet 16: learn about 13 therapeutic Essential Oils that sell for $16 and under (while still retaining their pure qualities). The uses are many and the benefits are abundant. BONUS OIL: have a personal experience with Melissa … unforgettable!


  • ‘Tis the Season – Essential Oils and Holiday Gifts: Come learn about our Holiday gift and oil offerings in depth. There is something for everyone on your gift list every year. (NOTE: this is a seasonal class, available each year in November & December when the Holiday Catalog is released)
  • Using Your Modern Essentials Book: The Modern Essentials Book is a valuable resource to guide you in your oil usage and suggested protocols. Join us as we show you the most effective way to navigate all the wonderful information provided!


  • Winter Survival Guide with Essential Oils: The Winter Season brings it’s own set of challenges to our health and well-being. Learn about the top essential oils to keep your skin looking radiant, support your immune system, improve your quality of sleep, promote your circulatory and respiratory systems and more! Featuring the benefits of Black Pepper, White Fir, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Arborvitae, Ginger, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Lemongrass.


  • ZYTO Compass & Itovi Body Scans – ZYTO Compass Scanning is part of the leading edge in body communication technology! A ZYTO or Itovi Scan will aid you & your Essential Oil Specialist in choosing those oils or products that will help to promote your body’s own optimal health & well-being. $20 scan appointments available at Spa 33 in El Cajon (San Diego County), CA. FREE for Paws & Spas Team Members! Book online at!


    Classes can be created around YOUR needs. Just ask!

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    If you would like to purchase doTERRA Essential Oils there are two easy ways to purchase:

    • Online at retail price through my store
    • Purchase the $35 Wholesale Membership and save at least 25% off retail price (and have an online store of your own to send folks to for their own purchases). There are NO monthly minimum purchases to have your own wholesale account!

    You can easily enroll with your own membership by going to my store. At the top of the page click JOIN and choose Wholesale enrollment,mor just contact me and I can help you choose the products or enrollment kits that fit YOUR specific needs right now. Paws & Spas is a GREAT team, full of amazing people across the US ready to help you learn how to get the most out of using Essential Oils in your life! We have easy online support with an active private FaceBook group as well as in person classes around the country.

    Contact me at PawsAndSpas at Hotmail (dot) com with any questions you might have. I am happy to help!


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