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How a Ringtone Saved My Life

on December 25, 2016

(on our evening walk – leaving the blahs behind!)

I believe Spirit wants us to be the best people we can be in this life, and the nudges to stay on course can come from unexpected sources.

Christmas Eve Day was light-hearted and fun.  I went to a girlfriend’s house to visit and wrap gifts, where there was room to spread out and pretend to be organized about the whole process.  She made a delicious sandwich for a lite, healthy lunch and when she offered seconds, I ignored my brain as it warned I probably ate enough.  It tasted so GOOD, it was HEALTHY, and we were having such a GREAT time together! So I suggested we split one.  She whipped up another sandwich and while it looked suspiciously like a full serving, I ate it all up. After all, it was so GOOD, so HEALTHY, and I wanted the FUN to continue!  (For those wondering: a turkey burger on toasted apple bread with avocado, horseradish and mustard – yummy!)

The presents wrapped, it was time for us to split and continue our celebration with others in our life.  I helped out another friend with a quick errand and headed home.  It’s been a few hours since lunch and my tummy is feeling a little too full, starting to agree with my brain.  As good as it was, I really didn’t “need” a second serving.  So even tho it was early in the evening I snuggled into bed with my Cockers and thought I’d nap off the fullness.

I’ve been such a slug, physically, for the last two months.  Not sure why.  Maybe it’s that “fall” bleh that I used to get when I lived in the Northeast.  Maybe it’s some more trying times I’ve been dealing with lately.  I am sure it hasn’t been helped by my running out of my fabulous supplements (from doTERRA) which are a wonderful support for both my physical and my mental baselines. Whatever the reason, I haven’t been a good example of moving at least one step more every day.

So, there we are, the Cockers and me, doing absolutely nothing, with so much of the day still remaining! I ventured a peek at my fitness tracker and saw that I was close to my absolute minimum – it wouldn’t take much to hit that goal for the day . . . other than actually getting up and moving! I was letting the ugly lack of motivation hold me back, keeping me from enjoying the day and taking actual steps to being healthier and feeling better.  The GI tract was still full from my overeating and as I was starting to sink back into the pillow, another friend texted me a Christmas Eve greeting.

And everything started to shift.  This friend is an inspiration to me in many ways, and because of that the song I chose for this texting ringtone is one that also inspires me.  “I can’t wait one minute more, the sun does shine! The sun does shine!” Reminding me to “make hay while the sun shines” and NOW is the time to enjoy everything about my life.  That is what I needed to look those blahs straight on and say “not today! You are not taking me away from the JOY in life today!”

Indie (the bossy one) must have sensed my change, because that was when she decided she was done with lazing around and demanded to be let out (and when she demands, I must obey). While I was up I reached for my resources and gave myself a bio-scan. No surprise – the top three products that showed up were all digestive related (for inquiring minds: Peppermint, a digestive supplement and Coriander). I popped two peppermint beadlets into my mouth and applied a drop of peppermint oil to the back of my neck.  By the time I slipped into my jeans and sneakers my discomfort was already gone (note to self: scan sooner!) and it was time to harness up the Cockers for a short walk to hit my goal for the day.

The rains held off, the Holiday lights in the ‘hood were glowing and the three of us had a great walk. We hit my minimum goal and even reached  my next-level goal. The physical movement was good for us all!

So, did a ring-tone *really* save my life? While that may be a bit of a dramatic way to put it, I do believe that anytime we can take even one step more than we did the day before, we are taking a step closer to health and a longer life. Will I keep those autumn/winter blahs at bay? Only time will tell.

The song: One Minute More by Capital Cities

The oils: doTERRA – learn more at one of my Monday night classes or online at

Share with us in the comments below where you recently found some inspiration . . . or what your current challenge is!



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